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Birth Trauma

Part II

Traumatic Birth Syndrome (TBS) accounts for 85-95% of health problems chiropractors see even in adults. Believe it or not, this is a huge problem, which is largely misdiagnosed and under reported.

During the process of delivery, there is tremendous stress placed of the head and neck of the baby and often this stress causes Vertebral Subluxations of the very delicate spinal bones of the infant. This, in turn, affects the spinal cord and parts of the nervous system of the baby and can produce a myriad of health problems. These can appear seemingly unrelated to the process of delivery, and can affect your child months or years later. Subluxations associated with birth trauma can cause SIDS, hyperactivity, chronic ear infections, lowered resistance, asthma, bed-wetting, loss of focus in school, Colitis, and a multitude of others including "signs of central motor impairment." According to Dr. Gutmann, a German specialist, A "spinal check-up after birth should be obligatory." As a matter of fact some hospitals in Australia are having chiropractic doctors check the infant spine immediately after delivery to ensure a healthy spine and nervous system, free from subluxations. This is a good thing!

Why is this so important you ask?

Your child's spine is her/his lifeline. Running through it is the spinal cord containing billions of nerves that send vital messages and information from the brain to every part of the body and back again.

Yes, we all have our own internal Internet! As long as none of these messages are interrupted, your child should have optimal function and the best of health! If, however, there is an interference with this "information highway," - a vertebral subluxation, the messages sent by the brain will not reach the part of the body they are intended to reach. As a result, the body begins to work improperly. Chiropractors call this "malfunction." It can be a serious threat to health. This interference will also affect your baby's immune system, lower body resistance and leave your child prey to various "bugs" and infections.

This is why it is so important to have children and babies checked by a chiropractor for the presence of subluxations affecting their nervous system.

In part III, I will outline routine labour and delivery procedures some of which can contribute to TBS.

We'll discuss epidurals, forceps, vacuum extraction, C-section, episiotomy, and the ever popular "ultrasound."


I'll continue in 1 month.

Dr. Jerry Renato 

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